How does AMBR generate revenue to backup high APY?

Revenue generation
AMBR enables its holders to extensively compound their investment and returns, as the protocol auto rewards its holders with 0.02522% every 15 minutes with the compounding APY of 388,047.90%.
Seeing the size of this APY, one may wonder — how is such APY attainable?
AMBR leverages a number of revenue-generating mechanisms:
The protocol will use Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to increase the AIF exponentially at a rate of ~100% a year or more to better support AMBR price floor.
Unlike others who have a static RFV fund that do not yield profit. We will use the AIF fund and the treasury fund to multi-chain farming. The AIF funds are bridged to other EVM-compatible blockchains - like Avalanche, Fantom, Solana, Metis, Polygon, etc. to farm at the highest APY farms and the profit returned to the AIF fund.
AMBR seeks yield-generating opportunities across different protocols and chains. Not just stay at BSC, the money from Treasury will be bridged to Fantom, Avalanche, Ethereum or any emerging blockchains which have high profit yield farms and substantial APYs enabling AMBR to deliver ~100% additional returns a year or more to better support AMBR price floor. That's why we are confident that we can support higher APY than other projects while still sustainable.